Wood Technical

All our timber work surfaces are made up of smaller Lamella or Staves, these have a width of 40mm and varying lengths of between 300mm to 800mm. The overall length of the panels is either 4M or 3M with the overall width of 650mm or 900mm. Panels are available in either 28mm or 38mm, 38mm is our standard for the production of our timber work surfaces, with 28mm being used for upstands.

Above is an example of how the staves are finger jointed together along their length using glue. Timber panels are glued using high frequency heating (combination of pressure and molecular heating up) this means that, if used in normal humidity conditions, very little tension will appear in the panels.

The average moisture content of the timber is 8-10% (tolerance +/- 2%).

All our timber worktops are installed already treated with oil on both the top and underside of the top. On completion the work surfaces receive a final sand and oiling.