Granite Care and Use

It should be remembered that granite is porous, that is why we seal all our granite against the ingress of liquids. It is important to follow a few basic procedures to ensure that your product remains in perfect condition.

As with all our products we recommend the use of chopping boards, pan stands and trivets. In the case of a spill it should be wiped up as it occurs.

For daily care use warm soapy water and dry down with a lint free cloth afterwards.

We supply a care kit with granite installations which has 3 products in it, a sealer, a cleaner and a wax. If a more stubborn mark appears you can use the cleaner from the care kit. We recommend that you re seal the work surface after the application of the cleaning product from the care kit. If you find you’re not happy with the polish on the surface the wax can be used to bring back a surface polish. It is important to follow the instructions on the products in the care kit for their correct usage.

We recommend that the granite is sealed once a year after installation.