Corian Technical

Corian® is a blend of Aluminium Trihydrate (ATH) and Acrylic and is available in 3 thicknesses 6,12 and 19mm, 12.7mm is the most commonly used thickness for kitchen work surfaces, this would then be backed by a ladder frame of moisture resistant MDF at 25mm making a typical work top 38mm thick although because of the versatility of the product it is possible to make whatever thickness you want.

Joints are formed using tinted acrylic glues, these are then clamped together and the glue squeezed up tight and allowed to cool, the joint is then planed and sanded to form a seamless joint.

Corian® can be thermoformed into any shape making it an incredibly versatile product.

There are a number of sink options available, these include Mixa sinks and Corian® sinks. Corian® sinks are available in 4 colours, Glacier White, Cameo White, Vanilla and Bone. Mixa sinks have a stainless steel bottom which allows the sides of the sink to be the same colour as the work surface, due to the combination of colour and design mixa sinks are made to orde

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