Granite Overview

Granite is a natural stone that is very hard wearing and creates a beautiful look to any project; it has an unrivalled depth of colour and polish.

Our granites are typically imported from Spain and Italy, but come from all over the world. As a natural material formed from volcanic activity each piece is unique.

Granite is formed by volcanic activity millions of years ago so is hard wearing and is resistant to heat and scratching making it ideally suited to kitchen work surfaces where it fits not only a more traditional look but also a contemporary theme.

There are hundreds of colours to choose from and a number of finishes available such as the ever popular polished as well as honed (matt finish) and antiqued (textured finish). As a natural product no two pieces are the same ensuring that each project is unique to you.

Granite has been hugely popular for many years, and provides a fantastic work surface solution for all projects and budgets.