Wood Overview

Wood is a beautiful and versatile material, although being natural it has its shortcomings and understanding these will ensure that you enjoy what is a great option for kitchen tops, work tops, window cills and bathroom vanity tops.

We make the worktops ourselves in our workshop in the UK, using AB grade timber, this is an aestetic grading of timber. A grade is the highest followed by B grade. The species that we use are Beech, Oak, Walnut, Iroko and Wenge, although it may be possible to source other species, just ask if you have a specific requirement.

It should be noted that timber is hygroscopic and will distort if it absorbs moisture, which is why we seal all our surfaces using oil, this process will need to be continued by the consumer in order to maintain the work top in good order. It is also important to remember that as a natural product it may contain knots, sapwood etc, the impact of this is minimised by the higher grade of timber that we use, it is for this reason that we dont use cheap timber, using cheap timber would not produce the quality of work we would be happy with.

Elegance, natural character

Each panel beautifully reproduces the natural characteristics of the chosen type of wood.