Wood Care and Use

As with all our products the advice is the same, we recommend the use of chopping boards, pan stands and trivets.

Our timber worktops will arrive on site having already been oiled 3 times on all surfaces. It is important continue with the oiling process to keep the work surface in the condition that it was installed in. The length of time between oiling will depend on the amount of use and humidity in the kitchen, its important not to let the timber dry out as this will lead to cracking of the surface.

Dont allow liquids to stand for too long on the surface, the oil is water resistant not water proof, even water will leave limescale on the surface.

The oil we use is safe for use in food preparation areas. It will enhance the wood colour and grain pattern; to provide a durable, protective surface over the natural timber structure, whilst being easy to look after and restore when the surface becomes worn.