We offer a bespoke service, we understand that your kitchen is unique and therefore the work surface is also unique, for this reason, once the kitchen cupboards are fitted, level and in their final position we make a template of the work surface, this is done with you in attendance so that it can be made to the exact requirements of the design, the template is a physical representation of the work surface that will be made, and is laid over the kitchen cabinets so that it is easy to visualise what the finished product will look like. This template is then taken by us to be fabricated into the finished work surface.

Once the work surface has been fabricated, we need to return to site to fit the work surfaces. It is important that the kitchen hasn’t changed since the template was made as this may mean that the new work surface won’t fit. When the work has been fitted the whole area is cleaned down and an inspection is made, upon satisfactory inspection we will ask for the customer/designer to sign a satisfaction certificate. We are very proud of the work that we do so every job that we undertake will not be concluded until we have a signed satisfaction certificate.