Quartz Care and Use

In order to preserve the finish on the work surface we recommend the use of chopping boards, pan stands and trivets.

The combination of quartz and stain resistant polymers result in a non porous surface which is either polished or honed (matt) finish. This means that the most common spills such as tea, coffee, wine,vinegar, lemon juice and greasy marks are easily cleaned up. A damp cloth will remove most of these marks however if a mark persists then the use of household kitchen spray (chlorine free) may be necessary, leave it for 30-60 seconds then rinse down with clean warm water and dry with a lint free cloth. For honed/matt finish the clean is as described above however for more stubborn marks it may be necessary to use a mild cream abrasive cleaner on a wet sponge, work into the mark in large circular movements, it is important not only to clean the mark but the whole work top, then rinse and dry down with a lint free cloth.

Care kits are available for use with honed/matt finish work surfaces.

Follow the link below to the care and use section of the Zodiaq® web site, where you will be able to download the care and use guidelines.